Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trendy or Sweet Idea?

Favors. Such a delicate decision when it comes to wedding favors. Do I do favors? What won't be a waste of money? What will my guests think is cool? Do I think my little idea of paper boats filled with awesome almonds will be loved by all? Well, the politically correct idea of donating to a charity in our friends name is cool, right? Or how about that little bottle of body lotion with our names printed on them? There are so many decisions to choose from in favorland. It all boils down to what will every guest like. I think that the new trend has hit the jackpot! A Candy Buffet! Who doesn't like candy. The diabetic? well maybe, but there are so many delicious candies that are sugar free that even they will dive in head first! What is a candy buffet you say? Well, it is lovely canisters and containers holding delicious candies either chosen in the colors of your wedding or your favorite candies with cute little scoopers and spoons with goody bags that your guests can fill to their hearts content and take home or eat right there at break neck speed! It looks great sitting there in your reception room, almost as fantastic as the cake itself. The guests are all looking at it longingly. (why else would the saying be made "like a kid in a candy store"!) Although it sounds like it may cost alot the average cost is about $3 dollars per person to do it yourself but then you have to buy all the pretty containers( anywhere from $6-$20 a piece) and set it up or for average $5 per person, you can have a company do it for you, set it up provide the candy of our choice and bring their containers, and clean-up... either way the Candy Buffet is a smashingly sweet success! For more photos or info on having one go to www.adayremembered.com/candy_buffet. I know someone who does candy buffets in our area! BUT even if you aren't in our area the idea is an awesome one! Your guests will love it! I promise!

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