Monday, February 16, 2009

Budget Woes

Money is one of the most frustrating aspects of wedding planning. You MUST come up with a budget. Not a starting budget but the ”absolute most I can spend or go bankrupt” budget. Now in all actuality it is good to have a starting budget as well. The goal should be to stay as close to that starting budget as you can. One trick to use is to tell your vendors that your budget for that particular product/service is at least 15% less than what you are actually willing to spend. Most vendors will take your amount and end up quoting you about 10 – 15% over your amount anyway so this way you won’t have to cut things out and the vendor thinks they pulled one over on you! Budget is essential! Do it or you will be sorry once the full planning gets under way!

For a little help in determining how much to spend for what, use these "ballpark" percentages:
Reception 40%
Photography 10%
Music 8%
Stationary 4%
Flowers 12%
Wedding Attire 10%
Miscellaneous 16%

Of course these aren't written in stone but if you have to spend more in one department, scale it back somewhere else. You really, really want to stay within your budget. Who wants to start off their married life in debt! After all regardless what you spend on the wedding and reception you are still married in the end! And really.... isn't that all that matters?

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