Monday, February 16, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Weddings need a place and time. The place could be as grand as an old historic Castle complete with mote and alligators or as simple as the church on the hill or city hall. There isn’t a right or wrong place. It just needs to be a place you both agree upon and want to commemorate the important decision of becoming married. Regardless of where it is you will still be married in the end.(that's my mantra!) Choose a place that fits your style of wedding. Don't have an elegant black tie affair in the city park, or try to have a Redneck wedding at the Biltmore Hotel. I mean you CAN have them there it's just that you will be frustrated that it isn't turning out how you imagined and it will cost so much more trying to turn your location into something it's not.

Choosing a date can be simple or equated with sticking a needle in your eye. All it really is, is a date to which you will forever be remembering the big decision you made to become married. I say choose a date that will be easy to remember and not clash hugely with some other big event. (like Christmas or Leap year) The date may be influenced by your budget as many places offer huge discounts to weekday, Friday or Sunday weddings. Time of day is actually important in regards to budget. You can get away with not having a full sit down meal at the reception by having a early morning 9-10 a.m., early afternoon 1-2p.m. or late evening 7-8 p.m. wedding. So choose a place and time that is what the two of you have decided on. Don’t let Aunt Betty talk you into changing your dates just because she doesn’t like to travel in July. In the end this wedding day is all about you and your groom. It’s the beginning of your married life together make it the day you want.

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