Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Websites

In this day and age technology is a good thing especially when it comes to wedding planning. The first thing to think about after your giddiness of the proposal wears off a tiny bit and you have set the date and found a venue is to work on a wedding website. This just seems to set the tone and get you into the whole wedding mindset. People won't hound you for details quite as much, hopefully, when you have discussed different elements of the planning on your site. After looking at several places where you can create a site, this one seems the most creative. I've placed an article here for your reading pleasure that is put out by Wedding Window. Let me know what you think after you give the free trial a go!

Personalize Your Wedding

Creating a wedding that is unique is easier than ever since several companies now offer customizable services and products for weddings. Incorporating a personal message or monogram into your special day will not only allow you to customize your wedding, but it will also provide you with a means of creating a consistent look. By using repetitive elements, you will be able to create a sense of commonality between aspects that would otherwise have no connection.

Save the date cards or ecards and wedding websites are typically the elements that will introduce your wedding to your guests, so if you can include your monogram or message on these aspects of your wedding, your guests will recognize them when they see them on your napkins or place cards, for example. If you want to have a wedding website that looks like it was custom designed just for you but does not include the custom price tag, consider creating a DIY site using WeddingWindow.com - you can create custom color schemes and upload your own design photos.

Another way to incorporate your custom monogram or message is through lighting. You can create something called a custom gobo, which allows you to project your monogram on the dance floor or on the wall of your reception hall. You can include your custom elements in other ways as well, such as on postage stamps, on wine labels, and on aisle runners. So as you can see, once you create your custom elements, it is easy to carry them through to the other aspects of your wedding. And, if there are other special ways that define you as a couple such as travel, music or art, try to think of ways to include them as well so your relationship is apparent in every way possible on your wedding day.

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