Monday, March 23, 2009

Musical Interlude

So I've been hearing many brides chatting about how they want something original or more contemporary to walk down the aisle to. It's funny isn't it how a song called the "Bridal Chorus" from the Opera Lohengrin composed by Richard Wagner in 1845 has become such an entrenched tradition for all Brides to walk down the aisle to. Most of us know this song as "here comes the bride". I think that maybe it's about time for a new tradition. Not that the song itself is bad or unpopular; it does have some sort of fanciness and importance about it. I think that the Processional for the Bride should be a piece of Instrumental music. It is easy to fade out and people aren't having to listen to any lyrics, just concentrating on the beautiful Bride walking down the aisle. I will list songs that may help you in deciding what to use for that special moment along with links to hear them.
Bridal Chorus -Steve Siu, Piano ReImagined
Bridal Chorus . Miranda Wong
Bridal Dream - Miranda Wong
O from Cirque de Soleil (#13)
Have I told you lately.. arrangement of Van Morrison
There is love (Noel Paul Stookey)
There is love...2
Lovers Fantasy - Miranda Wong
Arioso - Celtic
La Valse D'Amelie - Yann Tiersen
Come into my Room- Shirley Cason (From my Heart Album..scroll down)

For those of you who have to have Lyrics:
Come away with me- Norah Jones
If you were a sailboat - Katie Melua
The Look fo Love - Diana Krall

Father Daughter - Mother son Dance
Dance with my father - Kellie Coffey
The Perfect Fan - Backstreet Boys
A song for Mama - Boyz to Men

Music sets the tone for the ceremony or reception. If you are having a very formal one then stick to traditional pomp and circumstance type music. For the very contemporary pick lighthearted music you love or that is a good depiction of you as a couple.

Enjoy listening and congratulations!