Sunday, May 6, 2012

Steam Punk Wedding

So how do I begin........ I had an idea... a Steampunk Wedding Idea.  I wanted to do a wedding of this sort but needed a bride who wanted to do a wedding like this. I asked around but to no avail. So, I decided I needed to do a faux wedding and needed a Photographer who liked doing stylized photo shoots. I thought of one who has astounded me in the past with her creativeness. I contacted her and she said "YES!!!!" (those are her exact words.) So we began on the steampunk journey..... I designed, she snapped photos and offered suggestions for ultimate lighting and angles and other fun stuff. She blogged.... I am linking.... We are a team!  I loved every minute of it!   here's the link.... http://www.freshfromgod.blogspot.com/2012/05/steampunk-wedding-southern-california.html.  Sit back enjoy and let us know what you think!!!  oxoxoxo

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  1. Just came back from Fresh From God Photography...and your shoot is amazing! Love all the sweet, quaint & quirky details. Not sure exactly what "steampunk" means (excuse my ignorance), but you are definitely creative and original!