Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Blog, New look, New Ideas, New Brides!

I am starting over, blog-wise, and trying to create a new look. I mean, I need to keep up with what's going on out there in wedding-land, right? I am also evolving. I find I am seeing weddings in a new light. One that shines more attention to the bride and grooms personal choices and adapting them into a wedding rather than offering the old cookie cutter ideas and traditions and trying to get some personality to show through. How did I ever get into that rut anyway? Weddings are unique and should express the personalities of the couple. Tradition.....tradition!? Not anymore, I say!
If you want to somersault down the aisle then I will teach you how!
If you want a red dress, I will help you find the perfect one.
If you want to be a princess at a fairytale wedding, well......I suppose I could pull of a spectacular un-Royal wedding for you.
It's all about personality. The details that shine a light on who you are, what you love.
So.... sit back and enjoy the ride! It's all NEW!

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